Top Destinations to Visit for St. Patrick’s Day!


20.jpgNo matter what your real heritage is, everyone becomes a little Irish on March 17th. There are countless St. Patrick’s Day celebrations around the world with plenty of exciting traditions. Celebrate the Irish spirit and partake in the fun festivities from watching the parades to drinking green beer. Check out the top destinations to visit for St. Patrick’s Day!


☘Dublin, Ireland
There is no doubt that the Emerald Isle goes ALL out for St. Patrick’s Day. With a huge 4–day festival, the main event is the parade, which features a variety of floats and live music. Although most people head straight for the famous Temple Bar after the parade, there are more authentic places to truly experience the Irish culture. Instead, head to Johnnie Fox’s Pub, where Irish dancers perform every night and you can taste the genuine flavors of Ireland. Stroll around to find the buildings that are illuminating with Irish spirit, attend the prawn festival, watch the Gaelic games or go to the Irish Craft Beer & Whiskey Village to taste great beer, whiskey and food. There is plenty to do and see in the Emerald Isle for St. Paddy’s Day!


☘New York City, New York
With approximately 2 million people attending each year, New York City’s St. Patrick’s Day parade is the largest in the world. On March 17th, between 150,000 and 200,000 people participate in the parade all on foot to showcase their Irish pride. After the parade, make your way to McSorley’s for a Guinness or celebrate on “Rock the Yacht” to sample Irish whiskey and catch great views of the city. Show your love for the Irish in the city that never sleeps!

☘Chicago, Illinois
Perhaps one of the best known St. Patrick’s Day traditions, the city of Chicago participates in the holiday by dyeing the Chicago River an emerald hue. Witness the magical color change as it begins with orange then turns a vibrant green. The fun doesn’t stop there! The parade begins not long after and features beautiful floats, step dancers and more. To continue the fun, head to a local Irish pub after and enjoy green river soda or go to the Irish American Heritage Center to embrace the Irish food, music and dances. Chicago is the perfect city to visit for St. Patrick’s Day!


☘Boston, Massachusetts
Considering Boston is the most Irish-American city, there is no doubt that it’s one of the best places to visit for St. Patrick’s Day. To kick off the holiday, there is a massive parade full of colorful floats, marching bands and pipe bands. Enjoy the sounds of the Irish heritage and afterwards, go to the local Irish pubs, explore the Irish Heritage Trail or attend the Irish Film Festival. Don’t forget to watch Boston’s Irish–punk band, the Dropkick Murphys, perform at the House of Blues. No matter how you like to celebrate the holiday, Boston is a great place to embrace your Irish spirit!

☘Montreal, Canada
Montreal hosts the oldest St. Patrick’s day parade in Canada. To say Montreal is committed to St. Patrick’s Day is an understatement; they have held the parade every year since 1824, no war or bad weather has been able to stop it. Scheduled on the Sunday after the holiday, you can start off the day with an Irish breakfast at the local pubs, McKibbin’s Irish Pub or the Irish Embassy. Then watch the extravagant parade, featuring Saint Patrick himself! Following the parade, run off to Hurley’s or Mad Hatter Pub to enjoy more Irish cuisine, beer, music and dancing. Witness the city’s dedication to St. Paddy’s Day yourself!


☘Auckland, New Zealand
Despite the fact that New Zealand is the furthest away from Ireland, the city still goes green for St. Patrick’s Day! We mean that literally. Watch the changing of color of Auckland’s landmarks the night before St. Patrick’s Day. And there are plenty of events to help you dive into the Irish culture– from Irish films to Irish whiskey tasting. Attend the parade that boasts colorful costumes, floats, Leprechauns and bands! After the parade, enjoy the program of Irish dancing, music, food and other activities. Don’t let the distance fool you, Auckland really goes all out for the holiday!

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