Get ready To Dive Into Summer!

Get Ready to Dive into Summer

With weather starting to heat up or in some places, freeze up, you can’t help but start planning your aquatic escape! Instead of going to a beach, which can often be crowded in summer months, consider checking out some more unique bodies of water.

From sinkholes to lagoons, check out our favorite places to dive into summer – where you can warm up or cool off!

Grotta della Poesia, Salento, Italy

This 100-foot natural sinkhole is the perfect destination to kick off summer! The name Grotta della Poesia translates to the “Cave of Poetry.” According to the legend, a princess loved swimming in this cave and many people came to dedicate their poems to her. Dip your toes in the poetic beauty and take in the surrounding limestone cliffs as you jump off straight into the crystal-clear waters or swim under the archway and enter the Adriatic Sea. This site is not to be missed!

Cenote Cristalino, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Cenote Cristalino is a U-shaped cenote in an open area but also has a half-cave with mangrove plants all along the perimeter. The lush vegetation gives it a tropical feel. A unique highlight of this specific cenote is the half-cave that you can swim through – going from feeling the bright sunlight to swimming into the darker, cave-covered water is an interesting contrast to experience. Snorkel through the pristine water and observe the different rock formations or leap off the 12-foot cliff! Swim your way into summer in Mexico.

Giola Lagoon, Astris, Greece

Add Giola Lagoon to your bucket list! This lagoon looks like a work of art with its crystal-clear waters placed in the middle of rocky cliffs. Giola Lagoon neighbors the Aegean Sea and is said to be the creation of Zeus made for Aphrodite to swim in. Whether you believe in Greek mythology or not, you will definitely believe in the beauty of this magical destination! Take a dive in the warm waters and begin your vacation.

Blue Hole, Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Get ready for a sight to behold in Ocho Rios! Head off the beaten path to the less-commercialized swimming pool – Blue Hole. This hidden gem is home to beautiful turquoise waters, surrounding green foliage, and small waterfalls. For those seeking a big thrill, jump off a cliff or swing from a rope into the water! For those trying to relax, stand under the waterfall for a free “massage.” Whichever your speed, enjoy the beauty of Jamaica’s Blue Hole.

Queen's Bath, Kauai, Hawaii

Located along Kauai’s north shore, this natural tide pool is a must-see! It is named Queen’s Bath because it was once only reserved for royals. Nowadays, anyone can venture along and explore this pool. Not only is it a sight to see, as it is separated from the ocean only by lava rock, but it’s the perfect place to snorkel and swim at your leisure. Escape to Kauai this summer and experience Queen’s Bath!

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