Visit These Destinations to Bring Your Favorite TV Shows to Life!

Series Across the Seas

The golden age of TV has arrived. No matter what type of genre you enjoy watching, there is a TV series for everyone. Every week, you can tune in to discover the chapter of the story. From the classic 90s sitcoms to horror series, get off the couch and experience the destinations that will bring your favorite shows to life!

Game of Thrones - Dubrovnik, Croatia

“Game of Thrones” has completely taken over television! This fictional world ties you in as multiple noble families all fight for the Iron Throne. Since the show has many layers to it, the filming happens in various locations around the world but perhaps the most iconic is Dubrovnik, Croatia. Set as King’s Landing (the capital of Westeros), Dubrovnik’s medieval look is not only the perfect place to relive some of your favorite ‘GOT’ moments but you can actually sit on a replica of the Iron Throne! As the world patiently waits for the next season to commence, get ahead and plan your trip to Croatia.

Lost - Oahu, Hawaii

The dramatic series, “Lost,” aired for six seasons and captured the attention of millions of people! In the show, passengers of Oceanic Flight 815 are stranded on an island and must come together for survival. Filmed on location in Oahu, Hawaii, this show had a huge fan base who tuned in week after week to see the latest happenings on the island with all its cast members. To embrace the memories of the show, head to Police Beach where your favorite characters once explored. Luckily, you can relax on the remote beach and maybe even surf while embracing the iconic landscape!

Full House - San Francisco, California

A classic sitcom that captured most of America’s hearts, “Full House” was about a man named Danny Tanner trying to raise his 3 daughters with his brother-in-law, Jesse and his best friend, Joey. Not only did we watch the Tanner girls grow up in that red-doored house but now the show even has a new series, “Fuller House.” Head to San Francisco, California to enjoy Alamo Square Park, where the show’s opening credits scene was filmed or take a photo in front of the actual house that the Tanners called home.

Downton Abbey - Newbury, England

For six seasons, viewers tuned in from all over the world to watch “Downton Abbey.” The Crawley family captivated people with the scandals and drama taking place in their residence of Downton Abbey. As the new movie releases in September, there is no better time to visit the estate that is actually a castle in England called Highclere Castle. For about 60-70 days out of the year, you can actually tour this significant place and feel as though you are part of the royal family!

American Horror Story - New Orleans, LA

With a different theme every season, “American Horror Story” always keeps its viewers on their toes. For two seasons, this series was filmed throughout New Orleans. Season 3 – Coven – is about witches in boarding school and season 4 – Freak Show – is about the last “freak show” struggling to survive. If you were a season 3 fanatic, make sure to take a picture in front of Buckner Mansion which was filmed as Miss Robichaux’s Academy and LaLaurie Mansion that was filmed as Madame Lalaurie’s House of Horrors. If season 4 was your favorite, head over to Longue Vue House & Gardens, which was the home of Dandy or Camellia Grill that appeared in some episodes. Whichever season or whichever spookiness intrigues you, jet off to New Orleans for an unforgettable vacation!

Westworld - Moab, Utah

Set in a futuristic theme park with robotic hosts, “Westworld” has drawn in millions of viewers. Most of the show takes place in the “wild west,” which you can visit right here in the United States! Used as the perfect backdrop, the most notable destination is Dead Horse Point State Park where you channel your inner cowboy/cowgirl and take a guided tour on horseback. If you wish to see more of the show’s beautiful scenery, go to Castle Valley and embrace the panorama you’ve seen so many times on TV – the red rock mountain against the blue sky. Saddle up and head to the wild west!

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