Take a Sip of a New Destination!


When traveling, it is always important to try and embrace different cultures. If you are unsure of how to do so, it is as easy as sitting down and having a traditional drink along with your meal! From drinking limoncello in Italy to sipping on mint tea in Morocco, every country has a drink that is ingrained in their culture. As our cultural holiday of Thanksgiving approaches, it is a great time to show appreciation for other customary beliefs and perhaps you can pair an inspired beverage with your Thanksgiving meal. Read on to discover where you can
enjoy a cultural sip around the world!


Usually served at the end of dinner, limoncello is a citrus–flavored liqueur that also acts as a digestif. It is made from Sorrento lemons and produced mostly in Southern Italy by soaking the lemons in grappa (vodka) and adding a sugary syrup. It is the perfect way to end a meal, help with digestion and capture the taste of Italy!


Originating at St. James’ Gate Brewery in Dublin, this Irish stout is iconic to Ireland! Although you can get one almost anywhere in the world, the best place to enjoy a cold one is right in its home of Dublin, Ireland. Take a tour of the brewery to discover more about their brewing process like how nitrogen is added during the packaging process to create the creamy top. Plus, studies claim that Guinness actually has some health benefits due to its antioxidant compounds so there is no reason not to drink this smooth, malty beverage!


Rice is not only an essential part of Cambodia’s food group but it is also the basis of their distillation of the famous rice wine. Since the taste can be bitter when used naturally or for medicinal purposes, fruits and spices are added during the production process along with a sugarcane stick. Some consider it the national drink of Cambodia so be sure to try a sip!


What is most unique about this tea is the actual tradition and culture behind it. When a Moroccan has a guest over, they always offer mint tea as a welcome to their home since this is a fundamental part of their culture and etiquette. In regards to the tea itself, they use gunpowder tea and brew it with mint and sugar. However, as part of tradition, they must pour it from at least a foot above the glass in order to create foam. Take a trip to Morocco and dive into their culture by drinking their mint tea!


Horchata de Chufa is a beloved drink in Spain and a specialty in Valencia. The Moors brought chufa, a brown tuber that is derived from a nutsedge plant, to Valencia in the 8th century. To make Horchata, the chufas are soaked in cold water for 24 hours then pounded or blended until it becomes a milk–like liquid and is mixed with sugar. The consistency and taste is similar to almond milk and is served very cold! Enjoy it at ice cream shops or local cafes.


When Lima was celebrating its 400th anniversary, a British immigrant couple who created several carbonated drinks, decided to release a new beverage: Inca Kola. Not long after, this sweet soda became the most consumed drink in Lima and it is now known as the “flavor of Peru.” It has a fruity taste from the lemon verbena. Enjoy the flavor of Peru by indulging in Inca Kola!

One thought on “Take a Sip of a New Destination!

  1. I love Mint Tea! I volunteered abroad in Morocco for two months and my host mom would make me mint tea every morning for breakfast. The best!


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