Light Up Your World With These Destinations!

Light Up Your WorldExtraordinary experiences are derived from or channel the beauty of light. They are so breathtakingly beautiful and rare that you won’t believe your eyes. Light up your next adventure and treat yourself to one of these unique experiences!

Bioluminescence Kayak Tour, Puerto Rico

Head to Puerto Rico to encounter some of the most amazing bioluminescent experiences in the world! Take a kayak tour that leads to the fascinating lagoon at Las Cabezas de San Juan Reserve, where the waters glow with bioluminescent organisms that emit a phosphorescent blue light. The light is produced by a chemical reaction within a living organism. It’s an unforgettable and rare experience available only in five lagoons around the world.

Floating Lantern Festival, Hawaii

Every year in Hawaii, there is a floating lantern festival, where everyone can come together in remembrance of those who have gone before us. Partake in this Hawaiian tradition by writing a letter and placing it on a lantern. Then, watch as the lanterns carrying messages of affection, shower the bay in beautiful lights. Experience this wonderful festival for yourself!

Glowworm Grotto, New Zealand

In New Zealand, explore the magnificent glowworm caves and witness these small, glowing creatures up close. Enjoy a boat ride underground through the glowworm grotto and marvel at thousands of tiny creatures lighting up the cave above you – looking as though they are stars lighting up the sky. The fascinating caves welcome visitors of all ages and provide a magical sight!

Northern Lights, Iceland

Escape to Iceland and be awe-struck by the incredible light phenomena – the Northern Lights. As charged particles enter Earth’s magnetic field, it excites the atoms of Earth, which causes them to light up. Add this combination to a cloudless night and you can see the lights soar with colors from green to pink and orange. Travel to Iceland from September to March for the peak season of Northern Lights!

Forest Fireflies, Japan

Summer is the perfect time to travel to Japan to witness the firefly phenomenon. Through the chemical reaction of bioluminescence, fireflies are able to produce this beautiful light to attract a mate or prey. Throughout the country, there are multiple firefly festivals where you can observe these magical creatures light up the world around you. Enjoy this summer spectacle in Japan!

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