Roses are Red, The Caribbean is Blue. Which Destination is Best for You?

Discover The Top 5 Romantic Caribbean Destinations

Rekindle romance in one of these tropical, exotic and faraway destinations and be ready to write the next chapter to your love story. Surprise your sweetheart with the ultimate romantic island getaway!

Trendy restaurants, boutique hotels, art galleries, and late-night clubs help make Punta Cana a perfect vacation destination for two!

Punta Cana is the land of relaxation by the sea. Spend a worry-free, sun-soaked day while you enjoy a catamaran ride in the Caribbean Sea. If you are looking for adventure ride your way into the beautiful sunset on a long horseback ride along the beach coast or visit Hoyo Azul “Blue Hole”- You’ll have to cross a suspension bridge and hike past a myriad of flora and fauna to make your way to this hidden oasis. Jump into the turquoise waters, or use the steps to enter this paradisiacal, natural pool.

No matter what you do, the vibrant lifestyle of this amazing country will ensure that the memories you make here last a lifetime. Immerse yourself in nature’s pure bliss that this island has to offer! 

There is a good reason why Aruba has more repeat visitors than any other island in the Caribbean. This Dutch Caribbean island is perfect for couples who like to mix it up, offering the luxury, the natural and the historical. It offers something for everyone – a great climate, nightlife, nature, and warm and friendly locals.

The Dutch island of Aruba has a coastal landscape contrasting some of the best beaches in the world with a desert landscape of cactus, aloe plants and dramatic divi-divi trees.

The mile-long stretch of L.G. Smith Boulevard (aka “The Strip”) is lined with cafés, designer stores, restaurants, and Palm Beach Plaza, a modern shopping mall. Head to Arikok National Park for historical sites, natural pools and bridges. If you are feeling adventurous head over to Hadicurari Beach for a kite surfing activity or try snorkeling at the Antilla shipwreck. The One Happy Island waits! 

Enjoy the exquisite Riviera Maya which boasts an incredible stretch of shoreline where you can walk hand and hand with your soulmate all while taking in the gorgeous orange and red sunsets over the Caribbean Ocean. With buzzing towns like Tulum and Playa del Carmen and many charming resorts, this destination has become a hot spot for travelers from near and far.

This slice of the Yucatan Peninsula is a dream for the adventurous. Divers and snorkelers will be amazed by the wrecks of Xcaret and the Puerto Morelos reefs. One not-to-miss experience in the Riviera Maya is swimming in a cenote, a natural sinkhole filled with majestic, crystal clear water. Considered sacred places by the ancient Maya (cenote means “sacred well”), they are found throughout the region. Some of the top spots include Cenote Azul (known for its fresh turquoise water). Immerse yourself in Mexico’s natural beauty.

Whether you just want to sit in a beach chair and soak up the rays or you’re interested in strolling around the area, chatting with colorful locals or enjoying the view of the ocean, Long Bay is waiting for you.

Enjoy a day of carefree relaxation on board a catamaran and sail along the beautiful Antigua shoreline, or get off the beaten path for a scenic ride over both land and sea. Enjoy an off-road countryside excursion before traveling by boat to Stingray City, where you can spend time in the water swimming with beautiful stingrays. Located about 5 minutes from the village of Willikies at Long Bay on the east coast, Long Bay Beach offers fine white sand and crystal blue waters, making it a great place for snorkeling or just relaxing in the sun. A relaxed Caribbean atmosphere make Antigua a dream destination! 

Montego Bay is full of natural wonders, combining the endless white-sand beaches, amazing weather year-round, and delicious local food.

From unique excursions like swimming with horses and enjoying a romantic bamboo rafting excursion down the Martha Brae River, there’s much more to do here than you could ever fit into one trip. Be sure to give yourself a few rest days to kick back and enjoy some fun in the sun!

You can’t end your vacation without experiencing the Luminous Lagoon. At night the lagoon sparkles and glistens when disturbed, as these microscopic organisms produce an eerie glow. Let Jamaica capture your mind, body, and soul! 

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